Grounding System Design for Isolated Locations and Plant Systems


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Last Updated: 27-08-2018 18:18

IAS Grounding System Design for Isolated Locations.pdf

Effective grounding is critical for protection of electrical equipment from transients. Grounding for personnel safety requires very distinct considerations. The application of the grounds may be similar in some instances. However, the installation will be radically different in isolated areas. Furthermore, the grounding of controls and computers present even more unusual requirements than the grounding of power devices. Additional concerns are circulating currents and injection of spurious noise. This paper addresses grounding for transients,
power, and personnel. Designs include installations in plants and for isolated and remote equipment. The methods have been effectively used for pipelines, production facilities, gas plants, and power plants. Ten case studies of diverse applications illustrate the pertinence of the techniques and procedures.

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