The failure analysis and energy laboratory is designed for inspection, investigation and research. The quality of research and testing is reflected in the laboratory equipment an instrumentation.

To support our clients, we have developed one of the premier, stat-of-the-art high energy labs in the region.

Lightning and grounding research has been an unique niche since the 1980's. Our laboratory has exceptional high voltage systems. Our clients include leading energy and manufacturing companies.

We have exceptional, experienced researchers and academics who can help you with your high-energy project.

Location, Location

he Lab is strategically isolated to permit a wide variety of research and tests. Projects include explosives, controlled burns, high voltage, high temperature, high pressure, and very low electromagnetic noise.

The structure is a Faraday cage with complete metal enclosure and metal barrier screens over windows. A very effective ground and bonding system completes the protective network. This prevents outside electromagnetic interference to sensitive tests.

A dedicated power supply line with a large capacity transformer is provided by the utility. This provides a facility with very low level electrical noise or interference.

The structure of the power system and building precludes interference to off-site buildings. The location is further removed from any building within 1/4 mile.

The facility is in a safe, gated compound, backing up to a remote University geologic monitoring station.


Environmental test mediums have included oils, gas, saltwater, corrosive, and explosive solutions.

We have conducted tests at extreme environmental considerations including
+  high-temperature,
+  high-pressure,
+  high-current,
+  high-voltage,
+  low-noise
+  low-energy

A 700 foot test well provides a tremendous environment for evaluation of oil and gas systems. Deeper wells can be developed, as required.

Joint Inspections

Large indoor laboratory facilities are available for joint inspections of wires and pipe to appliances and vehicles.

An appliance bar is configured to allow direct connection and evaluation for virtually any 120 or 240 volt device.


Artifact Storage

Facilities are structured for artifact and evidence storage.

Indoor and outside locations allow us to store teacups to vehicles and farm machinery.

The monitored facilities are a cost-effective alternative


If a safe combination of media, fixtures, and instruments can be configured, we will build it. High energy research is not hazardous, if it is done safely.

Safety is a priority. The scientists and consultants have performed research for decades, are personally involved in each project, and well expect to continue for many more decades. It is personal to us and our families.


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