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The development of unique energy solutions that are greater than the sum of the individual parts


Electrical, magnetic, mechanical, petro-chemical, hybrid, and natural energy conversion has been the basis of our designs, research, and university professorship.m.


Development and Construction of distributed systems for the recovery of low energy levels and conversion to efficient energy forms.


Beginning in the 1980's, we proposed and managed projects involved with production of electricity, recovery of carbon dioxide, and injection into petroleum reservoirs for enhanced production.

We have been members of IEEE synthetic fuel and IEEE renewable energy working groups.Two of our experts were early innovators, designers, and builders of hybrid electric vehicles.

We have worked in unique application of solar energy and use of steel in the earth as an electric energy storage system. The energy effects of cathodic cells has been a topic of applications, research, and publications.


Natural energy covers a large spectrum from natural resources to meteorological events.

We have conducted active work in all facets of natural resources development, including enhanced recovery with carbon dioxide and in-situ electrical heating. We have been involved in the seminal research and failure analysis of these systems.

We have executed projects involving meteorological energy including lightning, solar, wind, water, and wave energy.

Meteorological conditions often create damage which has resulted in our failure analysis for hundreds of events.


The company grew out of the petroleum industry over 30 years ago. The petroleum industry has high economic risk, expensive equipment, and high energy environments.

The principals were oil & gas company executives and are independent oil and gas producers. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to independent developers and producers

Power Industry

We provide development and support of generation, transmission and distribution projects from 15 hp to 500 MW, 480V to 765 kV.

From transmission system studies through distribution design to plant management and economically favorable contracts, we fill the niche that keeps the juice flowing.


We provide support to coal mines and coal power plants. Electrical system design, delivery of produced power, expert testimony and technical support are all available for your operations.

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