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Failure Analysis

We use science, experience and logic to solve real-world interests. Failure analysis looks at potential problems before they happen, and after an event. We provide failure analysis, research, safety and design support to the energy, legal and insurance communities

Utility & IPP

Utilities and independent power producers provide the electrical infrastructure necessary for virtually every stationary energy solution. Our clients include some of the largest utilites, the largest IPP in the word, and some of the world's largest energy companies.

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Lightning & Grounding

Lightning, transients and grounding research and design has been on of our unique niches since the 1980's. The effects and control of this tremendous natural energy has the potential to impact virtually every structure. Grounding and transients are a common element of many failures and fires.

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Research - Testing

The quality of research and testing is reflected in the laboratory, equipment , and instrumentation. To support our clients we have developed one of the premier high-energy labs in the region. We know of no serious competitor.

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The company grew out of the petroleum industry over 30 years ago. The petroleum industry has high economic risk, expensive equipment, and high energy environments. The principals were oil & gas company executives and are independent oil and gas producers. Our clients include the largest companies.

Arc Flash / Blast

Arc flash is arguably the most serious hazards faced daily by plant personnel. Recently standards have been developed for all workers around electrical  equipment that can create an arc blast. We have assisted world-class companies in their evaluation of safety and legal exposure. We can help you, too.

Arc Blast


Training has been an integral part of the services provided to our clients since our inception. We can assist you with electrical, safety, and equipment instruction as well as personal development, communications, and leadership training custom made for you and your situations.

Safety & Environment

Environmental, health, and safety have become the cornerstone of any product or process. Anything less than perfection is subject to economic and legal challenges.  We have developed models, training, and articles about this key societal issue. What are your issues?


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