What are the components of energy? What are the components of matter? What are the components of space? What are the components of time? Are these components physical, esoteric, or transcendental? How do engineering, cosmogony, and biology fit together? The laws of physics provide the connection between the science and art of engineering, the philosophy of cosmogony, and the life science of biology. The laws of both physics and metaphysics are elements of the natural law.
Natural law has been discussed in philosophy, theology, and science for years as a method to describe the operation of the universe. The Founding Fathers appealed to natural law in declaring the fledgling nation had a reason to exist. Natural law applies to social, economic, legal, biological, scientific, philosophical, theological, or any other perspective. Natural law has three fundamental categories of energy laws, control laws, and biological laws. Energy has three areas consisting of thermodynamic laws, dynamic energy laws, and system energy laws. Likewise, each of the areas has three laws, resulting in the foundational energy of nine laws. Unsurprisingly, control also has three laws. Following the law of conservation, summing the nine energy laws with three control laws and the biological law yields thirteen principles.
Time is a crucial dimension of scientific and philosophical discussion. Time is the determining dimension between the physical and transcendental state.
The paper is a continuation of the questions raised after the paper on dynamic energy and Higgs field at the last Frontiers Conference.

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